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John Marshall, Managing Director Elev8 Australia: "We are often asked by future customers what makes Elev8 different from all the others? The people at Elev8 and our existing customers.

The people because they are what makes Elev8 and our customers as they endorse our people and products. Our team members at Elev8 have all been employees here for 4 - 10 years and they don't just come to work because they have to, but because they look forward to a rewarding day, and the camaraderie that is shared amongst us all. They are professional and experienced individuals, highly educated and trained on the products that Elev8 represents. They all believe in what Elev8 stands for and take pride in the service they provide our customers.

Our success is built on the people here and the process we lead prospective customers through in ensuring the right solution is found and implemented.

One important aspect is that from the very outset, prospective customers deal with the same person that will end up implementing their system should they decide to purchase. This person, therefore, is proficient in the product not only in its capabilities but how it is rolled out, training users, managing the implementation project - no matter the size of the site. These people are highly paid individuals, expert in what they do - yet they are here, ready and waiting to discuss your business requirements with answers to any questions you may have. The initial time with these people is free to anyone seriously seeking to find the right system for their business.

Elev8 has maintained it is better to have the person that knows the product to show the product from the very first time you make contact with us. You will not be dealing with a salesperson with limited technical knowledge but a person that spends their whole working time training, installing, and project managing the systems we sell.

Our guarantee is our confidence in the products we sell and the people that are here to implement them.

We will always want to know how your business operates first before we show you a solution. Rather than show you the software and leave you to decipher its application into your business, we are with you every step of the way. Why? Because if you fail - we fail. Software purchase is only ever half the story; the other half is the people that work with you to make sure it works for your business. That is Elev8."