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Sage Pastel Evolution - Kezu


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Sage Evolution, Shipping Module add-on

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Whilst Evolutions excellent inventory control provides all that is necessary in accurate control and management ok Kezu’s stock holdings, there still remained a need for tracking and processing of repetitive stock import transactions.

Elev8’s Evotool “Shipping Module” provides the creation of shipments which are attached Evolutions single or multiple purchase orders already entered in Evolution. From this relationship all purchase orders or partial purchase orders can be processed simultaneously within the Shipping Module, removing the need to laboriously process each PO within a consigned shipment.

Landed costs on items are calculated with additional shipping costs or duties to reflect accurate COGS and therefore profitability from an inventory perspective.

I would like to express my satisfaction with the Elev8Australia Shipping module that I have been using for the past 8 years in conjunction with Sage Pastel Evolution. Being an importer of delicate designer furniture from Europe, it is crucial to have the COGS as accurate as possible. By introducing this wizard software all pre-existing stock related deviations were eliminated.

I love this tool that provides me with the accurate info at hand.

It would be unfair, not to mention a highly skilled, friendly support team available to assist on spot.

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