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Why work with a web based hire software?

The inspHire suite of web based hire software is designed to give you greater control over when, where and how you operate your hire business. There are several different options which are designed to better meet the practical needs of your operation, whether on fixed workstations in offices and client-facing centres around the world, or on mobile work stations. By choosing a web based system, you’re not restricted to a set group of computers – your staff and managers can go where the work is.

Here are a few examples of how inspHire makes the most of web based capabilities.

True mobility

inspHire Mobile Working is a truly mobile hire software package. It’s designed to work on tablets and other mobile devices, so that staff can execute important functions in a yard, workshop or warehouse without having to go back to the office. Staff can process contracts and orders, as well as organising maintenance, right alongside the equipment itself. With the addition of barcode and RFID options, it’s the ideal mobile rental software for a wide range of different hire businesses.


The Express, Office and Corporate versions of inspHire each offer a different level of functionality and access, to suit different working needs. For example, Express can be used on any standard PC on a single site, and is ideal for new/small hire organisations. At the other end of the scale, Corporate is ideal for organising and streamlining multi-site and global use, and can support up to 1,000 users anywhere with internet access.

Efficacy without compromise

inspHire Open is unparalleled as a cloud rental software that facilitates real-time communication and interaction with clients, no matter where they are. It empowers your sales staff to make sales on site, and it allows your clients to manage their hire order on the go. Because stakeholders can view their position and take action on the go, there are no delays in locating and hiring out inventory – not to mention keeping up to date with maintenance and reporting requirements. It’s cloud hire software that’s not hampered by location – all you (or your client) needs is an internet connection.

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