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Simplify Your Business with Wet Hire Software

As a leader in business management ideas and solutions, our expertise and experience gives us the ability to nurture ideas into realities. At Elev8 Australia, we develop a range of wet hire software products to streamline your processes and get your business moving. We offer carefully designed systems to help handle the procedural complications of labour, billing and equipment to ensure you complete any job with increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Specifically made for wet hire companies to improve your performance

Our goal is to work closely with our customers to provide the best possible software for businesses in a variety of industries. We use tried and tested ideas to guarantee a significant benefit to your structure and procedures, helping your company realise its potential and flourish. The wet hire software solutions available to you include assistance with timesheets, availability and logistics to help you run your operation as smoothly as possible. We’re dedicated to accomplishing the goals of any business, offering additional products for event hire providers.

Let our team of software experts guide your development

We believe that our staff shouldn’t be salespeople with inadequate knowledge of their product, but a team of reliable, effective communicators that properly understand our systems. All our specialists that work directly with you are involved with training, managing and installing all the software that we offer.

Our dedicated representative will be with you from start to finish, getting to know you and your team and discussing any specific needs. While we emphasise user-friendly designs to help you and your staff pick it up on the fly, you’ll receive all the training you need to make sure you get up and running quickly. Once our systems are fully installed, we offer comprehensive ongoing support to ensure that you continue to succeed.

Trust the professionals and call today

Don’t let your company suffer under inadequate technology and logistical limitations any longer. Contact us today on 1300 763 707 for more information on our affordable solutions, or send us an email at info@elev8australia.com.

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